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Stephan Jacobs – In the Vortex EP by Stephan Jacobs

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(Quoted from Simplify Recordings)

You can say all you want about Stephan Jacobs music, or you can let the numbers do the talking. The L.A.-based DJ/producer has some of the most popular tracks on the song sharing site and the track “Blind Dreams,” a collaboration with +Verb, topped the Soundcloud charts for the most plays in its first week on the site. In addition, his remixes have garnered similar attention on the site, regularly getting tens of thousands of plays in a mere few short weeks.

A self-proclaimed “music junkie,” Jacobs acquired his first set of turntables when he was 16 years old. Now 11 years later, he has shared the stage and the studio with some of the biggest names in the game. A welcome addition to the Simplify Recordings roster, alongside contemporaries Sugarpill, Chris B., Ill-Esha and Samples, to name a few, Jacobs is creating some of the most cutting edge, multi-genre-spanning electronic music today. He incorporates elements of uptempo dubstep, glitch-hop, house and sexy female vocal samples to create his own unique sound of West Coast crunk that keeps fans smiling and dance floors moving.

These sounds will soon be made available via the release of the six-track EP, In the Vortex. Three of these tracks include a signature sexy female vocal, while the other three are instrumental. The drums, bass and melodies in each and every track have multiple, often intricate, complex and crunchy layers. There’s no “boom bap” here; snares and kicks are often replaced by lazers, claps and synth sounds. And while the overall sound of the EP is no doubt futuristic, some of the synths are reminiscent of 80s Herbie Hancock, ala “Axle F.”

Aside from the upcoming EP, Jacobs is also working on more collaborations with fellow Simplify artists +Verb and Chris B., as well as an additional EP via his side project, Kether.

Download a copy of the track “In The Vortex”

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