Available Now! ONLY $15 for Stephan’s entire Native Instrument’s Massive Patch collection, including a total of 40 patches: 26 bass patches and 14 synths!

To all the Stephan Jacobs fans out there, this is your chance to glimpse into some of the deep technical insights of one of the Bass Music industry’s greatest up-and-coming artists. With these Massive Patches available for purchase, new and old producers alike will be able to learn from from the experience and knowledge-base of one of Stephan himself, an already extremely talented and well-recognized musician.

“I think that just examining how these patches are made and what they consist of is a good learning tool to incorporate into your own sound design.” – Stephan Jacobs

Purchasing these patches could be an enormously helpful step to setting a new musician on the path to production, or even in helping a veteran producer better understand all of the intricacies of Massive. This is an extremely rare opportunity, as most producers guard their production secrets with their life!


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