Flow / Fuego EP

This is the most baller EP your gonna hear for a while.

Check it out:

Great write-up by The Untz Here:

This video is of Mudra and I meeting after we made the EP 🙂

Your Weather EP – Shadow Trix Music

Available now via Shadow Trix Music is the “Your Weather EP”

Get the whole EP HERE:


Check out the Release Day Live Stream Q&A that we did for the release via “Shadow Trix Music”

Stephan Jacobs Releases Insane Live set from BM

Released by Kill Your Ego Podcast this Mixtape is straight FIRE.


Live from Camp Questionmark at Burning Man 2017
Follow Soundcloud: Stephan-Jacobs
Watch the set here:
– Stephan Jacobs & ill Gates – Flying (feat Jackie Rain)
– Tesko Remix
– Original
– Cela Remix
– ill gates – Flying Low (Unreleased)
– Stephan Jacobs -& Run Dmt – Peyote (Original Mix)
– DVBBS – Tsunami Remix (Stephan Jacobs Remixt)
– K Flay – Blood in the Cut (Lash Remix)
– Mudra – Larva (SJ DJ Edit)
– Stephan Jacobs & Da Moth – Dicey (feat Johanna Phraze)
– Stephan Jacobs – Dreamstate (feat NEAKS)
– Stephan Jacobs – Thats so Cali (feat Love and Light)
– Stephan Jacobs & Dirt Monkey – Sleepless in LA (feat Johanna Phraze)
– Stephan Jacobs – Build the Sky (feat Delevo)
– Stephan Jacobs & AHEE – Your Weather (feat Burkey Baby) – Original Mix (forthcoming ShadowTrix Music)
– Ill Gates – More Tea (Mudra Remix)
– Stephan Jacobs & An-ten-nae – Crypto
– Stephan Jacobs & An-ten-nae – Magnetic Fields
– Stephan Jacobs & Mudra – Flow (VIP Mix)
– Chris B – Still got it
– Stephan Jacobs & ill Gates – BOUNCE
– Pigeon Hole Remix
– Original
– KJ Sawka Remix
– Stephan Jacobs & Mr. Bill – Penguin Farts
– Peyote (MDRN Remix) – w/ Psychedelic Tractor – Nicky Jean (acapella)
– Stephan Jacobs – Pushing the Limits
– Stephan Jacobs – Questions
– Crimes – Lords
– HNGVR – Superstar
– Stephan Jacobs – Anywhere (Rudebrat Remix)
– Stephan Jacobs & Pockitz – Noise in Here
– Stephan Jacobs & Pockitz – Holdin it down
– Stephan Jacobs – All Day, All Play (feat NEAKS) – Camp Q Edit
– Pockiz – Activate Elevate
– Stephan Jacobs & ill Gates – Flying (HNGVR & Mudra Remix)

Magnetic Fields EP – with An-Ten-Nae

An-ten-nae & Stephan Jacobs combine forces on Magnetic Fields, kicking off with some of the deepest ethereal vibes we’ve heard in a while, going even harder into Dubstep vibes on the title track before lifting up the energy with some west coast crunk on Crypto and a Troyboi-esque An-ten-nae remix of Stephan Jacobs & Mudra’s track, Flow.

Get the EP:

Holdin It Down EP

Recently I teamed up with my good friend Matt (aka POCKiTZ) to make a 3 track EP for a Street Ritual release. If you remember our tune “That’s So Cali” from 2011 then you can imagine the sound of this EP 😉

Quoted from Street Ritual:
‘Holdin It Down’ is the stirring collaboration from pioneering electronic producers Stephan Jacobs & Pockitz. Capturing multi-genre vibrations spanning from flavors of trap, melodic dubstep, future bass and more; this story is an uplifting vibe for everybody. Each of the 3 tracks reflects fine production and are fused with emotive movement through exquisite melodies and lyrical radiance. Featuring vocalists Talia Bentson & Neaks, Holdin It Down, is a refreshing auditory experience.

Support the release: HERE

Artwork by: Axon Genesis


Stephan Jacobs – Questions

I teamed up with my main VJ Professor LightW AV to make an awesome video for my new tune “QUESTIONS”

(He crushed it) Woohooo

We have been working on a collection of custom content for my shows, you may have seen it at LIB, Burning Man or Maui recently. with much more to come 🙂

Available Now
Stephan Jacobs – Questions

Saturday into Sunday

This is a brand new super trippy tune.

I Recorded Delevo and manipulated the vocal to make the vibe.

Available on Bandcamp:



New Sample Pack Available

Exclusively through Producers Social: ‘Sweeteners On Top’ by Stephan Jacobs
In this edition of Producers Social Sample Packs, Stephan Jacobs has put together a collection of what he calls the “Sweeteners on Top”. These are types of one shot samples that help make a tune feel more complete, focusing primarily on Foley textures with an array of other useful sounds.
Please Note: you must have a Producers Social Member to access this sample pack.
Learn more about the Sample Pack: HERE
Become a Producers Social Member: HERE
Sample Type Number of Samples
808 5
Drum One Shots 48
Foley One Shots 43
Loops 8
Melodic Samples 3
Midrange Basses 10
Risers and Impacts 11

Lightning in a Bottle 2017

Stephan is set to play a B2B set with ill.Gates on the Thunder Stage at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle festival.

If you have not heard what these two have been mustering up in the studio check out the BOUNCE EP and Flying (featuring Jackie Rain). Both of these tunes are heavy hitters designed for peak festival times.

Buy your tickets to LIB: HERE



ill.Gates & Stephan Jacobs – Flying (feat. Jackie Rain)




Out today Feb. 21, 2017 – “Neon Blood EP” by Stephan Jacobs – Exclusively on Bandcamp.

What’s up yawl! It’s been a while, I’ve been under the radar working hard on new music and have a brand new 6 track EP ready for all you lovely people!

What’s up yawl! It’s been a while, I’ve been under the radar working hard on new music and have a brand new 6 track EP ready for all you lovely people!

“Neon Blood” is up for purchase

Out Now: “Neon Blood” EP.






If you purchase the whole EP through Bandcamp you will receive a special bonus track, a Burning Man version of “All Day All Play” made for Camp Questionmark.






Some of you may know, I am very passionate about bringing musicians together, hence why I started Sesh® and Producers Social®. I feel as though music is best made together. Growing up and being in High School band and just practicing with friends always felt like the most natural and creative connection I have ever experienced, the music was always better. This is what I feel most musicians lack in this new digital age. I converted my garage recording studio into a daytime coding dojo and pulled together a team of silicon beach all-star engineers whose past engineering credits include Google, Tinder, and the world famous Tupac Hologram. This has enabled us to develop a platform that connects musicians in a physical realm, with an underlying technology that helps people get discovered or find new jam partners.

Sesh® is an app built for anyone who wants to make music. The platform connects musicians to recording studios, rehearsal spaces, gear and talent for hire. You can conduct your transactions within the app while it handles payments, scheduling, locations, ratings and reviews. The platform is being built for musicians by musicians to create a new marketplace where collaboration and reliability can flourish like they never could before.

Check out this awesome explanation video on the vision of Sesh below:

UPDATE: Sesh is now live! Visit us on the web at or as a free download on the iOS App Store!

What is Sesh?

Sesh is a modern musicians’ dream – the on-demand app for recording studios, gear rentals, and talent sourcing. Why pay big ticket prices when you can get what you need for less? And you’re supporting your music community, and people like you. Compare rates and reviews on the app and book electronically, peer-to-peer.   

Touring DJ and music producer Stephan Jacobs came up with the concept in 2013, out of necessity, in order to provide a much-needed service the music industry seemed to overlook. The idea was intended to be an easy booking service for his personal studio. He quickly realized the potential of his concept as a general music utility for all to use.

“This is the music industry’s opportunity to fully allow technology into the booking equation. As a DJ who has been on tour, I understand what every musician goes through – having to fly with heavy equipment, or struggle to find a place to rehearse last minute.”

Stephan Jacobs converted his own garage recording studio into a daytime coding dojo, and pulled together a team of silicon beach all-star engineers, whose past engineering credits include Google, Tinder, and the world famous Tupac Hologram.

“This is a sophisticated API that has been in development for two years, and we are very excited to open up our app for public download. We want this to be the everyday go-to resource for artists and studio professionals, everywhere in the world. The ultimate goal is to empower people to create music and harness ideas without the usual limitations of what we think we have access to. Because with Sesh, the possibilities are endless.”

Whether you’re a studio owner or up and coming talent, Sesh is designed with you in mind. List services, Find services – make music your way by tapping into the music community resource app for all your professional and creative needs. All in one Sesh.  


(Quoted from YourEDM)

In the underground scene, Ill.Gates and Stephan Jacobs are both icons in their own right. So, a collaboration between the two bass maestros is always cause for celebration. This one is called ‘Bounce’, and rightfully so; it will have you out of your seat in no time flat.

The duo wastes no time in getting to the nitty-gritty. Featuring the vocal talents of Mayor Apeshit, things get wild almost immediately. Booming bass and fast-paced drum patterns collide with twisted synth melodies that sound like they came from an alien mothership. The lyrics go undeniably hard, with Apeshit rattling off clever rhymes and one-liners like he was born to do it. And things don’t stop with the original track; KJ Sawka, Subp YaoPigeon Holeand several others are on remix duty. Each one of them absolutely crushed their edits, re-imaginging the tune as everything from dubstep to future bass and beyond. This is the second installment of remix EPs leading up to Ill.Gates forthcoming album Terminally Ill, so you definitely don’t want to be caught sleeping on these tracks.

While no release date has been set for the full album, you can check out the full stream of ‘Bounce’ after the jump. If you like what you hear, be sure to grab a copy of your own on Bandcamp, Beatport, or other digital retailers.


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