Some of you may know, I am very passionate about bringing musicians together, hence why I started Sesh® and Producers Social®. I feel as though music is best made together. Growing up and being in High School band and just practicing with friends always felt like the most natural and creative connection I have ever experienced, the music was always better. This is what I feel most musicians lack in this new digital age. I converted my garage recording studio into a daytime coding dojo and pulled together a team of silicon beach all-star engineers whose past engineering credits include Google, Tinder, and the world famous Tupac Hologram. This has enabled us to develop a platform that connects musicians in a physical realm, with an underlying technology that helps people get discovered or find new jam partners.

Sesh® is an app built for anyone who wants to make music. The platform connects musicians to recording studios, rehearsal spaces, gear and talent for hire. You can conduct your transactions within the app while it handles payments, scheduling, locations, ratings and reviews. The platform is being built for musicians by musicians to create a new marketplace where collaboration and reliability can flourish like they never could before.

Check out this awesome explanation video on the vision of Sesh below:

UPDATE: Sesh is now live! Visit us on the web at or as a free download on the iOS App Store!

What is Sesh?

Sesh is a modern musicians’ dream – the on-demand app for recording studios, gear rentals, and talent sourcing. Why pay big ticket prices when you can get what you need for less? And you’re supporting your music community, and people like you. Compare rates and reviews on the app and book electronically, peer-to-peer.   

Touring DJ and music producer Stephan Jacobs came up with the concept in 2013, out of necessity, in order to provide a much-needed service the music industry seemed to overlook. The idea was intended to be an easy booking service for his personal studio. He quickly realized the potential of his concept as a general music utility for all to use.

“This is the music industry’s opportunity to fully allow technology into the booking equation. As a DJ who has been on tour, I understand what every musician goes through – having to fly with heavy equipment, or struggle to find a place to rehearse last minute.”

Stephan Jacobs converted his own garage recording studio into a daytime coding dojo, and pulled together a team of silicon beach all-star engineers, whose past engineering credits include Google, Tinder, and the world famous Tupac Hologram.

“This is a sophisticated API that has been in development for two years, and we are very excited to open up our app for public download. We want this to be the everyday go-to resource for artists and studio professionals, everywhere in the world. The ultimate goal is to empower people to create music and harness ideas without the usual limitations of what we think we have access to. Because with Sesh, the possibilities are endless.”

Whether you’re a studio owner or up and coming talent, Sesh is designed with you in mind. List services, Find services – make music your way by tapping into the music community resource app for all your professional and creative needs. All in one Sesh.  

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