Welcome to the Stephan Jacobs Remixed Project

Here you will find all the stems from previous Stephan Jacobs Releases, Do a remix and get noticed.
This is a great chance to get sample packs that include sounds you want.

1. Remix a Tune of your choice
2. Upload it and post it to this soundcloud group –
3. Be entered to Win Prizes (Merch and More)

*Get Noticed



ANYWHERE – Anywhere

Build The Sky – Build The Sky

MegaHeartz – MegaHeartz

Nostalgia – Nostalgia

Moody Sunday – Moody Sunday


Self Titled

Buy now– The Turning Leaves

Buy now– Imagine

Buy now– Beautiful World

Buy now– Panty Dropper

Buy now– Stut

Buy now– Tap My Shoulder

Buy now– Yeax

Buy now– Holy Guacamole

Buy now– Swamp Cooler

Buy now– Waiting

Buy now– Wander Slow

Buy now– Died on me

Mad Era

Buy now– Tatter

Buy now– Funner

Buy now– Cyber Sax

Buy now– Izzo

Buy now– Rewind The Tape

Buy now– Trippin

Buy now– Pretty Boy

In The Vortex

Buy now– In The Vortex

Buy now– Radiant Light

Buy now– Hold It Together

Buy now– Closer

Buy now– Hyperion

Buy now– Wub

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