Pixeltopia Teaser Mixtape

Pixeltopia Teaser mixtape is a collection of all unreleased Original music Produced by Stephan Jacobs. This journey is intended to melt your brain and get you out your seat dancing.

Pixeltopia – Teaser Mixtape Track listing
Stephan Jacobs – All Through The Night *
Stephan Jacobs – Juxtaposition (Instrumental) ***
Stephan Jacobs – Wild and Free (feat Delevo) ***
Stephan Jacobs & Frank Royal – Break Me Open (feat Delevo)
Stephan Jacobs – Catch Fire (feat Talia Benson) ***
Stephan Jacobs – Build the Sky (feat Delevo)
into->> Build the Sky (Live Band)
Performed Live by:
⁃ Delevo
⁃ Stephan Jacobs
⁃ Sunevil
⁃ Dillon Pagette
⁃ Brian Griffith
⁃ Julio
Stephan Jacobs & Ill Gates – Bounce (feat Johanna Phraze) *
Stephan Jacobs – Anywhere (Rudebrat Remix)
Stephan Jacobs – Snow In Space (feat Vokab Kompany) ***
Stephan Jacobs – Somebody Hold Me (feat Talia Benson) *
Souleye – Waiting for you (produced by Stephan Jacobs) **
Stephan Jacobs & RUN DMT – PEYOTE ***
Neaks – Dreamstate (Produced by Stephan Jacobs) *
Stephan Jacobs & Dirtmonkey – Sleepless In LA * (feat Johanna Phraze)
Stephan Jacobs & Dirtmonkey – Sleepless In LA (Ruff Hauser Remix)
Trowa – All I Know (Bottle Service Remix) *
Elephant – Revolution (Bottle Service Remix)
Drake – Language (Bottle Service Remix)

*** Forthcoming Pixeltopia EP (May 18, 2015)
** Forthcoming Identified Time EP (May 12, 2015)
* Forthcoming Singles

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